Zinfandel Alert

Based in California’s Sonoma County since the mid 70’s, Joel Peterson began
forging wines in an itinerant manner by moving about the region for 15 years
with his tanks and barrels in tow – searching for a financially and logistically
sustainable setting where his dream winery might take permanent root. Even
more colourful is the formative anecdote of a Raven flock buzzing about while
he desperately worked to complete his first harvest ahead of an impending and
potentially destructive thunderstorm Their inspirational form and provocative
energy led to creating the winery’s distinctive logo of 3 interlocked Black Ravens
perched on branches; a somewhat later introduction to the tragic character of
Lord Ravenswood at an operatic performance of ‘Lucia de Lammermore’ would
inspire the property’s moniker.

Since 1991, the central operation has been producing signature wines drawn
from a host of connected growers, who in local wine making lore are playfully
referred to as co-conspirators. Utilizing traditional methods such as employing
only wild yeasts in open-vat fermentors and the subsequent resting and aging
for 10 months in 100% small French Oak barrels, illustrates a combination of
traditional, old-world wine making, innovative modern techniques while wielding
the philosophical adage of ‘Nullum Vinum Flaccidum’ – no wimpy wines!

Long considered to be California’s heritage grape, the Zinfandel cultivar at the
heart of this vintner’s story also has a circuitous history as a variety, seemingly
originating on the eastern shores of the Adriatic Sea in Croatia. A near-relative
to Italy’s Primitivo grape and wine style, its Californian arrival is pegged around
the early 1850’s where it took root in the counter-intuitive growing context of
so-called dry-farming and low-production. Refered to as ‘Zeinfandell’ in these
early days, it has remained one of the most important vinestocks, vigorously
producing copious volumes of grape bunches and whose only, primary liability
lies in an uneven ripening characteristic, which needs to be closely managed.

This week is an excellent time to revisit this full and robust wine that, even when
not on sale as it currently is, continues to be one of the better price-point values
coming from a region that more-typically – is unjustifiably overpriced!

Ravens Wood

VINTAGES – Product #359257 | 750 mL bottle
Price $ 15.95
Was: $ 17.95
Limited Time Offer
Until Mar 30, 2014
13.5% Alcohol/Vol.
Sugar Content Descriptor: D

Made in: California, USA
By: Ravenswood
Release Date: Apr 18, 2013

Tasting Note
Ripe raspberry, cherry, blueberry flavours have long made this an upscale
barbeque classic. It will stand up to some time spent on your cellar rack, so
stock up on several now to serve along your first batch of brisket or pork ribs.