Riesling Alert

The Weingut Dr. Hermann estate is located in the charming winegrowing town
of Ürzig. Also known as “Ürziger Würzgarten” as of the 13th century, the name
references the historic garden of 10,000 shrubs and its 160 varieties of spice,
aromatic herbs and medicinal plants. Equally impressive in the landscape, are
the terraced vineyards boasting mature 30 – 100 year-old grape vines. Clinging
onto the exceptionally steep, red slate and sandstone slopes that were carved
over the millenniums by the picturesque Mosel River, hand picking and sorting is
both a point of pride and physical necessity in the heartland of noble Riesling.

Looking back 30 – 40yrs., local wine markets were awash with German Rieslings
of limited varieties, typically ranging from the very sweet to saccharine. This fact
created the impression that the wines offered little more than being appropriate
for dessert. Thankfully for all, times have changed. The reframing of reputation
has come about due to broader distribution of high quality wine by independent
producers that now includes drier variants and the emergence of Asian cuisine,
which has breathed a wonderful new range into the food fare that’s commonly
associated with the Riesling style.

In this relatively cool weather, wine growing region, getting the vines to produce
adequately ripened fruit is always challenging. This fact, in part, has prompted
development of the German classification system of Prädikatswein. Concerned
with establishing verifiable standards for harvest times and the attendant sugar
levels, it also forbids the practice of chaptalisation, whereby extra sugars might
be added to less-ripe grapes before fermentation, to boost the eventual alcohol
content. This week’s DéClassé recommended bottling carries the designation of
Kabinett, which is the first level of ripeness, typically producing the lightest style
of Riesling and naturally lowest in alcohol content (8.5%).

Erdener Treppchen (‘little staircase’ of Erden) is the name of the single-vineyard
source of the grapes, whose unique soil gives this wine its exotic, spicy aromas
as well as, its great potential for aging. It’s a medium-bodied white that delivers
an elusive balance of sweet fruit with a dry finish, beautifully rounded with lively
acidity. Though appealingly sweeter as a so-called medium dry, it is nonetheless
elegant, complex and affordable for its exceptional caliber. Serve well chilled.


VINTAGES – Product #402420 | 750 mL bottle
Price: $ 17.95
Wine, White Wine
8.5% Alcohol/Vol.
Sugar Content : MD

Made in: Mosel, Germany
By: Weingut Dr. Hermann
Release Date: Mar. 21, 2015

Tasting Note
Delivers textbook Mosel aromas and flavours of stonefruit, citrus, honey and
spice, freshly devoid of oak . Though vibrant, the texture is at the creamy end of
the scale, making this an ideal for pairing with turkey, root vegetables, herb-rich
stuffing, potato and leek gratin or chicken satay and spicy Thai dishes.