Picpoul Alert

Pinet is a small coastal municipality in southwest France situated nearby to the
edge of the saltwater Thau Lagoon. Though only having a modest population of
around 1300, this is nonetheless the heart of the Picpoul de Pinet AOC. As
one of the proud members of this vibrant, historically rich, wine-producing region,
the Ormarine winery is a co-operative dating to the early 1920’s. This era also
saw the rebirth of other local vineyards that had to painstakingly recover from
the widespread decimation of their plantings by the Phylloxera pest earlier on.

Ormarine’s wine-growing area, within sight of the lapping shores and cooling sea
breezes of the Mediterranean, is a unique chalky-clay plateau rich in limestone,
quartz gravel and otherwise covered with Garrigue. This coastal vegetation is
made up of an assortment of small aromatic bushes, which like the local grapes,
have gradually adapted to thrive in the near-drought climate of summertime.
These growing conditions are fortuitously punctuated by late season humidity,
thereby encouraging the fruit to plump up, reaching full maturity before harvest.

A favourite style of the Emperor Napoleon III, these premium wines result from
the somewhat obscure, golden skinned grape originally called Piquant-Paul, later
as Picapulla and finally as Piquepoul. Translating as ‘stings the lip’, the moniker
references naturally high levels of acidity and mineral accents that distinctively
characterize this ancient variety. Used to create a dry and citrus-scented style
of varietal white wines, they are a perfect complement to shellfish as the fruit’s
acidity balances-off the saltiness. Generally food-friendly, Picpoul is also very
satisfying alone as a well-chilled apéritif offering with chocolates!


VINTAGES – LCBO Product #525287 | 750 mL bottle
Price $ 12.95
12.5% Alcohol/Vol.
Sugar Content Descriptor: XD

Made in: Midi, France
By: La Cave de l’Ormarine
Release Date: Jan. 24, 2015

Tasting Note
A very lively wine style with lemony overtones and pleasant, refreshing grapefruit
flavor notes. Hints of minerality and the tangy finish make for an ideal partner to
oysters, crab, mussels, grilled fish or rich cheeses and charcuterie.