Cannonau Alert

Founded in 1899 by two intrepid travelling immigrants who originally hailed from
Piedmont in the north-western corner of the Italian mainland, Eriminio Sella and
Edgardo Mosca provide the namesake for the century old Sella & Mosca winery.
The wine loving pair eventually arrived on the shores of Sardinia, second largest
island in the Mediterranean and quickly set to work establishing what has now
become one of the largest vineyard estates in Europe. The sprawling landscape
of 1,200 acres, just inland from the historic port city of Alghero, is purposefully
punctuated by extensive plantings of Oleander, Maritime Pine, Eucalyptus shrub
and Palms in order to maintain the property’s admirable level of bio-diversity.

For this week’s DéClassé recommended bottling of Cannonau dI Sardegna,
the grape is Cannonau, better known elsewhere as Grenache, Garnacha or
Garnaxa. Traceable to the very early Middle Ages, Sardinians proudly claim that
this popular variety is indigenous to the island and was then proliferated about
the Mediterranean basin during the rule of the Kings of Aragon. Now among the
the most widely planted grapes in both the old and new wine growing world, this
version does have a distinct character due to the Sardinian terroir that includes
a unique combination of a warm climate with coastal clay and sand soils. Here,
vines are cultivated in a novel bush style rather than along the more traditional
trellis method, which with the benefit of the Grecale wind, tempers the growing
conditions and helps to minimize damage by insects and other biological pests
such as the Botrytis mold.

This Reserva-grade offering from 2010 has been aged for 2 years in very large
Slavonian Oak barrels. Renowned and much sought after for their tight-grained
characteristic, these vessels impart a more subtle accent of wood to the flavour
profile of a wine that’s best served alongside hearty foods. As an LCBO Vintages
‘Essentials’ listing, it’s on shelves year-long at consistent stock levels – so, should
it become one of your go-to favourites, it will be readily available.

Connau di Sardegna

VINTAGES – LCBO Product #425488 | 750 mL bottle
Price $ 17.95
13.5% Alcohol/Vol.
Sugar Content Descriptor: XD

Made in: Sardinia, Italy
By: Sella & Mosca
Release Date: Dec. 1, 2014

Tasting Note
This is a fairly traditional, Ruby coloured, medium-bodied wine with a good
complexity of red berry, fruit-forward flavours that will nicely compliment
red meat dishes, pork ribs, game of all sorts, pâté and strong cheeses.